Our company has been one of the very few in the world to produce the most elegant and unique lamps by talented hands.

Our special brass,copper and glass made handicrafts have been designed and decorated with the subtle and beautiful glaze colours by our specially trained,experienced and knowledgable staff.

We boast about our large assortment of lighting fixtures including swing arm lamps,table lamps,floor lamps and torchieres,ceiling fans and desk lamps.It is our goal to provide professional quality and service to our customers

EXOTIC LAMPS SELECTION offers innovative and exclusive products that include a wide range of designes offering our customers a new outlook of the exquisite taste of the present market

For this we have collected ancient designs from europe and the near east,mixing the beauty of classical designs together with the delicasy of the present one.

In this catalogue you will find artistic and poetic inspiration that our designs express

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